Paranoid Graffiti

Paranoid Graffiti

Take the dive blast into euphoric misunderstanding
crawl the cement like a rat with wings panning for crumbs of gold
sell the lights and burn the city bring it all to dust
then snort skeletons up your nose
mixing death with dopamine
plot for a better cell in your rent to own prison
engage the evening with mindless mad fodder until sunlight returns

By The Archetype ™
Taken From ‘Notes On Self Destruction (Fire At The Movies)’ ©®

Source: Paranoid Graffiti


Elegant Murder

She’s elegant murder in a sad garden
littered with broken teacups
photographs of dead butterflies
a taste of baby aspirin and rain clouds courting the air like a well dressed seduction

-The Archetype ©®-

The Striving Ever After

The Striving Ever After

Why do I prefer the dissonance of a symphony tuning

To the performance of the song

Trading the sweetness in your smile for a love forelorn

The void of an empty flask with nothing to fill it

A stranger’s gift of spirit only to spill it

A guitar with a broken string that I’ll never play

The litany of liturgies and the things I’ll never say

The birthday with no wishes the cake without a candle

The shirt with no buttons the suitcase with no handle

The most attainable expectations are the ones never met

The most honest promise is the one that’s never kept

Lost in the coming attractions we miss the feature presentation

Addicted to potential we become our own worst affectation

Storming the gift shop like a toddler with a knife

A rebel without a cause protesting the very failure that is my life

I’m an engine with missing parts

A drunk cupid vandalizing hearts

Trading wisdom for laughter

And the striving ever after

The Archetype ©®

The Lost Cosmonaut

Good Afternoon Earth Dweller!! Here’s to another Blessed Day on Dry Ground!! Don’t forget to clear all signal paths and maintain Conscious Contact with The Creative Intelligence. Pay respect to The Laws of Gravity and
Make This Your Shining Time…onward into The Broad Highway Cosmonauts!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Godspeed and God Bless!!
Signing Off,
The Lost Cosmonaut