The Striving Ever After

The Striving Ever After

Why do I prefer the dissonance of a symphony tuning

To the performance of the song

Trading the sweetness in your smile for a love forelorn

The void of an empty flask with nothing to fill it

A stranger’s gift of spirit only to spill it

A guitar with a broken string that I’ll never play

The litany of liturgies and the things I’ll never say

The birthday with no wishes the cake without a candle

The shirt with no buttons the suitcase with no handle

The most attainable expectations are the ones never met

The most honest promise is the one that’s never kept

Lost in the coming attractions we miss the feature presentation

Addicted to potential we become our own worst affectation

Storming the gift shop like a toddler with a knife

A rebel without a cause protesting the very failure that is my life

I’m an engine with missing parts

A drunk cupid vandalizing hearts

Trading wisdom for laughter

And the striving ever after

The Archetype ©®


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