The Revolution Is Inside

The Revolution Is Inside

All your screams in protest will fade with time
All your soldiers will abandon their holy line
You’ll finally come to terms, realize that it’s not gonna be fine
And you’ll run through streets of madness no more line between creed or crime

You’ll see that tolerance is just an excuse, a fake plastic grin masking passive abuse

Then you’ll take up your flag again and protest in defiance of the ruse
But your army of apathy will have failed you and you’ll see its just no use…

The Revolution Is Inside

Your faith in God is faith in fear fear of damnation instead
God is just a chemical a chemical reaction in your head
And when your beliefs fail you you’ll believe what I’ve said
God is the Devil the Devil is God and your God is dead

The Revolution Is Inside
By The Archetype ©®

From ‘Notes On Self Destruction (Fire At The Movies)’


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