The Gentle Collapse

The Gentle Collapse

He stumbled on the thought that his dreams sold him out
Delusion carved out a history of failed attempts to escape doubt
A wanna be Houdini has been that never got out
Drunk on woulda coulda shoulda dressed to piss and pout
Watching broken heroes play out their recycled past
On a stage of missteps misinformed and miscast
A humanist on Facebook a narcissist in real life stabbing thin air like a ghost with a paper knife
Little boy lost with kerosene and a matchbook
straining for one last cold hard look
as Summer reaches its end and the air grows colder
the boy can’t fight gravity and inevitably grows older
praying to an alter of ancestral ashes
as his memory fades and the bridge finally crashes
a life pined away for lost and wasted days
Feeds kindling to the fire and is freed in a blaze

By The Archetype ©®
From ‘Notes On Self Destruction (Fire At The Movies)’


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